Nicole Robinson was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to London, at the age of six. She is an aspiring entrepreneur who has a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Playwriting. She is an author, actress, director, playwright, praise dancer, drama teacher, the proud owner of Nicole Robinson’s Drama School (opening soon), and a business woman. Nicole delivers bespoke workshops and outreach drama projects in various settings.

She is not only a daughter but a sister and a wife who enjoys travelling, spending time with her family and loves fashion.

I don’t like being limited to just one thing or placed in a box by titles. I don’t just direct plays. I could decide I want to choreograph a dance piece one day; on another day, I may be inspired to write a play based on something I saw, a song I heard or the life experience of someone I may have come across. Tomorrow I may decide I want to write a book. Creativity has no limits nor can it truly function how it is meant to if there are boundaries.” - Nicole Robinson

Nicole Robinson